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  1. Playing Breakfloor vs Playing ZE
  2. Thanks @ WTF , je regarde ça ce soir ! @ Fudjima (Phéno) thx du feedback! Pour le moment je pense garder ça en mode normal puis à l'avenir pourquoi pas changer 🙂
  3. Hi there As you maybe seen these last hours, there is a new CS:GO server available within Supreme-Elite ecosystem 🎉🔥 It's a remastered and mixed server of two old school mods from CS:S and CS 1.6: Breakfloor and Glasswar. What the fuck is that mod dude? 🤔 It's very simple, the goal is the same (Breakfloor or Glasswar) in this mixed mod server; round by round kill the enemies (just like FFA) by using the floor or the glasses as a strategy. Kill'em all and get some rank points, that's it. By playing 5 minutes, you'll get it for sure 😎 👀 Features overview: A GameME ranking engine ✅ !ws and !knife commands to customize your stuff ✅ 19 Epic old school maps (included 2 exclusivity modified by @ Raphi ) ✅ For VIPs, two exclusive skins and the possibility to custom your TAGs 🍪 👀 Rules overview: Common shit (be polite, don't cheat...) ❌ Don't TK your friends intentionally by breaking the whole down floor ❌ How can I make cool suggestions? 🤔 Use the following category within the forum ➡️ https://forum.supreme-elite.fr/forum/400-breakfloor-x-glasswar/ How to join this fcking cool server and kill'em all? 🤔 ➡️ Just click over this link ⬅️ (or by adding breakfloor.supreme-elite.fr:27035 to your favorites) Cheers 🍻
  4. MMA + photo anime, tu squatterai pas un peu trop Twitter par hasard ?
  5. Wow pseudo original, like it
  6. Centres d'interêts respectables
  7. Welcome and see you sur le jail !
  8. Welcome et goodluck avec ton école 😄
  9. Bg @ Boubi Tu peux post tes meilleurs photos ici aussi 😄
  10. Hello @all, Dans ce topic vous trouverez les liens d'accès officiels aux différents services en ligne Supreme Elite. Forum | https://forum.supreme-elite.fr SourceBans | https://ban.supreme-elite.fr VIP | https://vip.supreme-elite.fr Liste des serveurs | https://forum.supreme-elite.fr/serveurs Discord | https://discord.gg/97TPKnt Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/SupremeEliteCommunity Steam | https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Supreme_Elite Jail time | https://jailtime.supreme-elite.fr Si vous avez un quelconque doute à propos d'une plateforme, demandez au staff avant d'y entrer vos IDs. Wayst
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