Application for admin

Want to become admin on the server? Apply here!


  •     15 years minimum
  •     Playing on the server min. from 1 week
  •     Playing on the server for at least 45 minutes a day
  •     Visiting the forum min. once a day
  •     Knowledge the server
  •     You must be a recognizable person on the server
  •     Knowledge and acceptance of forum rules, server regulations and Supreme-Elite regulations


  •     Keeping order on the server
  •     Punishing players for not complying with the regulations
  •     Keep an eye on the forum and follow your server's activities

Additional information:

  •     If you do NOT meet the requirements DO NOT submit an application!
  •     Admin has slot reservation!
  •     Admin is exempt from monthly contributions. However, if you have a gesture you can throw a penny on the server, it will always be useful.
  •     Again, an application for admin can be submitted at the earliest 7 days after the rejection of the previous application.
  •     After receiving the rank of admin, you cannot take leave during the first 7 days.




Nick in the server:
Steam / Non Steam? (Profile link):
Admin experience:
Why do you?:



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